SSM Stainless Steel Mesh bags
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SSM Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Bags


• Uniform mesh openings provide precise filtration
• The mesh filaments will not shift or deform under pressure
• Dimensionally stable material provides consistent performance


SSM Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Bags

The SSM Stainless Steel Mesh Filter bags are constructed using a woven stainless steel fabric. Each thread is a single filament, providing excellent strength with no fibre migration.

The mesh is designed with evenly spaced apertures, the wires used in the fabric is extremely abrasion resistant, resistant to a broad range of chemical and resistant to high temperatures.

Product Description

Bag Size Ring Type Material Micron Rating Absolute at 99%
S = Steel ring SSM

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

50 – 600
Order Example:
Size 4 bag 400 Micron with Special steel ring = P4S-SSM-400