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Accessories for Pressure Vessels

Stream Tex provides a comprehensive selection of pressure vessel products for your industry in Australia and New Zealand.


• Strainer Baskets
• Adaptor heads
• Gaskets, O-Rings
• Magnets
• Evacuation Floats
• Flow Meter

We are able to supply a wide range of bag filter accessories to complement our range of filter vessels.

Selecting the correct accessories such as evacuation floats, magnets or high-capacity strainer baskets can reduce fluid wastage and increase filtration performance.

Contact Us to order pressure vessel accessories in Australia and New Zealand.



Evacuation Float Magnets O-Rings, Seals Strainer Baskets Bag Adaptors Gauge, Flow Meters
• Displace liquid
in the vessel
ensuring easier bag changes
• Reduces product wastage
• To suit most standard bag housings
• Magnetic
particles form process liquid adhere to the bar
• Filter bag lifetime is prolonged by reducing the amount of solids collected in the bag
• Reduced surface abrasion of filter bags caused by sharp particles
• To suit standard #2 bags 24”long
• Depending on the product to be filtered, StreamTex filter vessels can feature a variety of O-rings • Based on our standard PVBT’s
• 45o design for ease of bag change, reduces OH&S issues
• Flow rates from 115-450 l/min
• Adapter Heads are available in a variety of pipe size and materials to be used with steel ring bags in an open filter system.
• Adapter heads are ideal for applications where vessels are impractical.
• Pressure gauges in Stainless Steel to measure
differential pressure in the system
• Flow meters to indicate reduced flow due to bag
Evacuation Float Magnets  O-Rings, Seals  Strainer Baskets  Adaptor Heads  Flow Meters Gauges

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