PVSC Self Cleaning Mechanical Filter
PVSC Self Cleaning Mechanical FilterPVSC Self Cleaning Mechanical Filter

PVSC Series Self Cleaning Mechanical Filters


• Self cleaning filter system, fully automated
• Ideal for high viscosity, high dirt loading and abrasive liquids applications
• Eliminate high running costs of disposable type filter cartridges and filter bag systems
• Constant and low pressure differential filtration
• No downtime to change bags, increase filter productivity
• No manual handling of used filter bags
• Small footprint


PVSC Series Self Cleaning Mechanical Filters

Our mechanical clean filter system is designed to handle to filter particles 25 micron and larger in various industries where high particle content, viscous and sticky liquids are present which other systems can’t handle. PVSC filters are ideal for continuous and batch applications.

The filtration system uses dual pneumatically driven activators to move the special grade Teflon disc up and down the screen to perform the cleaning operation inside of the vertically slotted wedge or perforated screen. The system can either be operated in manual or automatic mode. The collected dirt is periodically purged in intervals of less than 1-2 seconds to minimise product losses during operation.

A cleaning disc is moving up and down the screen surface to remove the dirt which then can be discharged through the drain valve at periodial times.
The cleaning- and discharge frequency can be programmed using the integrated PLC to suit the individual requirements. Alternativelly the system can be operated manually.

Vessel sizing / System configuration

Please consult one of our product specialists when sizing these vessels

Product Description

Pressure Vessel Design Type Entry Element Material Inlet/Outlet Flange Type
PV SC = Self Cleaning Side 304 = 304SS
316 = 316SS
Order Example: PV Self Cleaning Filter in 304SS with 2” BSP inlet/outlet configuration = PVSE-304-2B
Gasket materials are available in Buna, EPR, Viton, Viton Teflon Encapsulated, Buna White FDA.
A heating jacket design is available as an option for high temperature processing application


Liquid Type Viscosity CPS Max. flow rate Mod. PVSE 1.5 Max. flow rate Mod. PVSE 2 Max. flow rate Mod. PVSE 3
Water 1 50 200 750
Adhesives 10,000-50,000 15 65 200
Edible Oils 10 – 100 50 200 750
Honey 50 – 100 50 200 750
Ink, oil based 100 – 1000 50 200 750
Ink, Water based 10 – 100 50 200 750
Paint 500 – 100 50 200 750
Resin 5,000 – 50,000 15 65 200
Based on retention of 50 Micron or greater
Max. flow based on max. of 500 ppm of solids to be removed.
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