Sefar local manufacturing


With our extenisve experience in the process filtration industry and using our local test lab facilities we have the ability and equipment to design a system for you to suit your individual process application.

We can also offer you technical assistance, such as:

• Full Lab facilities for detailed media analysis
• Material Testing facilities
• Vessel selection service
• Filter media selection
• System design assistance

Sefar Lab

Sefar local manufacturing

• Custom made designs
• Application specific modifications
• Fast turnaround times
• Consistent quality
• Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015
• State of the art Manufacturing facilities in Sydney NSW and Auckland NZ


Standard Type ready made liquid filter bags

Our local manufacturing facilities allow us to adapt existing designs to provide you with a tailor-made
solution as well as custom made designs to suit many other applications.

We can also integrate custom made labels, colour coding or other designs that can assist your quality requirements by ensuring the right filter bag is used for each process step.


Local Manufacturing

Please contact one of our qualified and trained sales specialists for any assistance required!

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