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Filter Cartridges Meltblown Activated Carbon Membrane High Flow

Stream Tex Provides A Range Of Filter Cartridges For Australia and New Zealand

Stream Tex offers a wide range of cartridge filters in Australia and New Zealand. Cartridge filters can be the logical choice for a wide variety of applications with varied flow rates that require sub-micron retention rating, including food and beverage, chemicals, paint and the filtration of acids and bases.  Cartridge filtration can also be an effective choice for pharmaceutical and ultra-pure water applications.

Careful consideration, when choosing a liquid filtration system, will offer numerous potential benefits. A wise filter selection can minimize process downtime, reduce or eliminate waste disposal costs, limit worker exposure to the process liquid, reduce maintenance time and expense, and improve product quality.

Contact Us to order high flow filter cartridges, water filter cartridges and more in Australia and New Zealand.

To assist with the selection of the right type of Cartridge, please click on this link. To view the available type of end fittings, please click here.

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