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Features of Stream-Tex Liquid Filter bags

Poly Welded Construction

Poly Welded Filter bags hold a distinct advantage over all types of needle-sewn bags. The welded seams completely eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass occurring due to needle holes. The results are a tighter seam, higher bag efficiencies and improved finish product yields.

In addition, the fused edges of our Poly Welded Filter bags provide a fibre-free finish and virtually eliminate unwanted fibre migration. Since the Poly Weld bag is not constructed with thread, the possibility of silicone contamination from this source is also removed.

The picture to the right shows the difference between the liquid bypass of a welded seam (left) to a conventional bag with needle-sewn bags.

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Multi Seal Collar

The top, together with the Multi Seal collar, creates a hermetic seal within a vessel housing to prevent liquid bypass.

The patented Multi Seal Collar fits securely over the lip of the restraining basket, eliminating the sealing concerns of ordinary steel ring bags.

It is available in polypropylene, polyester and nylon materials. To facilitate bag removal, handles are built into the Multi Seal Collar. They provide a more stable grip to help prevent spillage during bag changeover.

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Steel Ring Design

Filter bags with steel ring (available in galvanised or stainless steel) are used in older style vessels or for gravity fed applications.
Adapter Heads are available in a variety of pipe sizes and materials to be used with steel ring bags in an open filter system. Adapter heads are ideal for applications where vessels are impractical.

Filter bags with steel Ring

Stream Tex offers a variety of liquid filter bags to suit your industry in Australia and New Zealand.