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CHF High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges for bag housings

Stream Tex is one of the leading filter bag manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.


• Upgrade your bag filter to an Absolute high flow cartridge filter
• Available in two sizes to retrofit size 1 or 2 bag filter vessels
• This pleated cartridge has a unique inside to outside flow pattern


High-Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges in Australia and New Zealand

StreamTex CHF High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge is a large diameter, coreless single open end pleated cartridge filter element designed to reduce system investment cost and disposal cost via long service life.

It now allows you to pgrade existing bag filter systems to an Absolute high flow pleated cartridge element instantly, without altering any piping.

Pleated Filter Cartridge Applications:

• Food & Beverage
• Industrial DI Water
• Chemical industry
• Paint and Coating
• Micro-Electronic industry
• Petrochemical industry

Contact Us to order high flow cartridge filter in Australia and New Zealand.


Type of Filter Ring Type Micron Rating Absolute at 99% Length mm End Fittting
CHF F = 1
G = 2
0005, 001, 003, 005, 010, 020, 040, 070, 100, 120 11 = 285mm
27 = 685mm
S = Vessels with side entry
T = Vessels with top entry
Max. operating temperature 60o C : Max. differential pressure 3 bar : Recommended differential pressure 2 bar
Order example:
Cartridge Size 1, 5 Micron, 285mm long, for vessels with side entry = CHF-F-005-11-S