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For almost 30 years Sefar Oceania has developed the unique range of high quality StreamTex liquid filtration products. We started to manufacture filter bags in the 1970’s, using premium quality felt- and Sefar monofilament mesh material.

The strong partnership between Sefar and the leading manufacturers of liquid filtration products allows us to provide our customers with innovative products & solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers assistance in choosing the ideal application solution, offering the highest levels of product quality and output while helping them improve their bottom-line performance.

We are dedicated in our offering of designed industrial liquid solutions that minimize downtime on continuous or batch operating systems. Our products have established new standards for industrial filtration, purification and separation within a changing industry.

For expert advice on more technical aspects of liquid filtration applications, simply call our customer service. With representatives and branch offices across Australia and New Zealand there is a location near you.

 Head Office Oceania WA NZ


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Sefar NZ

Sefar Pty Ltd
19/21 Huntingwood Drive
Huntingwood NSW 2148

Phone: +61 2 8822 1700
Fax:       +61 2 8822 1744

Sefar Pty Ltd
Unit 4 , 68 Callaway Street
Wangara WA 6065

Phone: +61 8 9303 2600
Fax:      +61 8 6305 0930

Sefar Filter Specialist Ltd
24G Allright Place
Mt Wellington, Auckland, 1060
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 527 4409
Fax:       +64 9 570 2917

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