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CHF High Flow Pleated Filter Element

Stream Tex, home of high flow cartridge filters in Australia and New Zealand.

Features of Pleated Filter Element

• High dirt loading capacity for longer service life reduces cost of filtration and disposal expense.
• Single open-end (SOE) connection configuration for secure by-pass free sealing.
• Absolute filtration, >99.995% efficiency
• FDA compliant materials of construction
• Fits most high flow vessels in the market


CHF High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges

The CHF High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges are made from a polypropylene microfibre membrane using a special pleat technology that provides a very large surface area in one single cartridge element.

This allows to reduce the capital investment required by using smaller vessels to meet the same design flow rate.


• Pre-filtration of RO
• Sea Water Desalination
• Condensate Water
• Solvent filtration
• Micro-electronics industry

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Type of Filter Dia mm Material Micron Rating Absolute at 99% Length inch End Fittting
CHF C = 165 PP Polypropylene 001, 003, 005, 010, 020, 050, 070 20”
Max. operating temperature 80o C, Max. differential pressure 3.4 bar, Recommended flow rate max. 78 m3/hr
Order example:
Cartridge 1 Micron, 40” long with A-Type end fitting CPHP-A-001-40-A