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Features of BWF PM-Tec© Filter Media with e-PTFE Membrane for Fine Dust:

  • Separation of very fine dust particles already on the surface
  • No penetration of the dust into the substrate
  • Excellent cleaning properties through a smooth, anti-adhesive surface
  • Minimal emission level, with the possibility to achieve almost zero emission levels
  • Consistent differential pressure behaviour
  • Consistent gas volumetric flow
  • Long service life and high productivity

  • PMTec® applications are in all industrial dedusting plants where very fine dust occurs in the production of the manufacturing process. For example:• Cement industry
    • Waste utilisation plants
    • Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry
    • Metal processing industry
    • Plastics processing industry.



PM Tec Fine Dust Filter Media

The new PM-Tec® product line represents the highest demands on a filter medium for industrial filtration. BWF Envirotec combines in the new product line first-rate carrier media consisting of needlona® needle felt or fibreglass fabric with a high-efficiency ePTFE membrane and decades of experience in filter media production.
The continuous in-house process chain, starting with the manufacture of the needlona® filter media, including the laminating process, to finishing of complete filter bags guarantees the high quality standard of PM-Tec®.
The membrane, produced from polytetrafluorethylene possesses characteristics which are optimally suited for use in industrial fine dust applications. Minute pores, due to a microporous structure and a low surface tension which reduces the adhesion of fine dusts and a temperature resistance of up to 288° C ensure optimum filtration properties.

PM Tec ePTFE membrane



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