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POMF Polypropylene Microfibre Liquid Filter Bags For Water

Buy from our range of liquid filter bag supplies in Australia and New Zealand.

Features of POMF Filter Bags for Water

• Precise particle retention (>95%)
• Long service life of 2-3 times of a standard felt bag
• Less filter bag change-outs
• Lower total cost of filtration

These Polypropylene Microfibre Filter Bags Are Made To Last Longer

The POMF series of high performance filter bags are designed for your critical areas of filtration. Contaminate removal efficiency at well over 95% make this one of our leading filters within the StreamTex range.

The media is effective in removing gelatinous contamination due to its unique structure. Filters particles throughout the depth of the media. Wide range of applications with FDA compliant polypropylene media. Non foaming, no surfactant. Safe for all critical applications incl Dairy, Pharmaceutical and high purity water production.

Composed of continuous length microfibres that vary in diameter throughout the depth of the filter medium. This unique design, of POMF Filter Bags for Water, allows for uniform graded pore size distribution.
This unique multi-layer design produces a gradual reduction in the degree of filtration towards the downstream filtrate side of the filter. Thus ensuring varying particle size entrapment throughout the layers and stable flow consistency. Made from 100% Pure Polypropylene microfibres containing no resin, lubricants, bonding adhesives, silicone or anti static chemicals.

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Bag Size Ring Type Material Micron Rating Absolute at 95%
P = Multi-Collar Seal

S = Steel Ring

POMF Microfibre, Polyester 1A = 1 Micron
3A = 3 Micron
5A = 5 Micron
10A = 10 Micron
25A = 25 Micron
50A = 50 Micron
100A = 100 Micron
Order Example:
Size 2 bag 10 Micron absolute rating with standard Multi Seal Collar in POMF material = P2P-POMF-10A

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