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PONG Polypropylene Felt Filter Bags

Buy from our range of liquid filter bag products in Australia and New Zealand.


• Six standard industrial sizes available
• Robust and reliable construction
• Fully welded design eliminates bypass
• Unique Multi Seal Collar for compression sealing mechanism
• Silicone free needle felt
• Available in 100% Polypropylene
• FDA compliant


Polypropylene Felt Filter Bags

For no compromises, 100% by pass free filtration, the PONG Filter bag is one of the most versatile and popular bags on the market.

Unfiltered liquid bypass, seen when using steel ring designs, is eliminated by using our plastic collar which is ultrasonically welded to the bags, allowing for perfect sealing.
The welded seam design eliminates bypass caused by stitching holes and guarantees no contaminate to bypass during operation.

Contact Us for more information about our polypropylene filter bags in Australia and New Zealand.


Bag Size Ring Type Material Micron Rating
P = Multi-Collar Seal

S = Steel Ring

Polypropylene Felt, Glazed Finish
0005, 001, 005
010, 025, 050
075, 100, 150
Order Example:
Size 1 bag 5 Micron with standard Multi Seal collar in PONG material = P1P-PONG-005
Size 4 bag 100 Micron with Special steel ring  = P4S-PONG-100

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