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PVBT Steel Pressure Vessels Top Entry – Best bag sealing for most challenging applications

Stream Tex offers a wide range of stainless steel pressure vessels in Australia and New Zealand.


• Provides the best seal design
• Precision engineered cast head to reduce pressure loss whilst delivering robust construction
• Ease of cleaning post batch processing
• ASME Design
• To suit standard bags and High Flow cartridges


Steel Pressure Vessels Top Entry – Best bag sealing for most challenging applications

The StreamTex top inlet bag filter is designed to give perfect 360 degree sealing of a plastic collar fully welded type filter bag.
The bag sits inside the filter clamped by the combined lid with inlet to ensure absolute no bypass.
This provides exceptional performance in the most challenging liquid filtration processes and the best seal design suitable for critical filtration demands in food and beverage, pharma and biopharma industries.

Vessel sizing / System configuration

*Maximum flow rate is based on aqueous flow at ΔP=1.0psi clean through filter only without bag installed.
Achieved flow rate is dependant on type of fluid being filtered, fluid viscosity and temperature, micron rating and type of filter bag. Please consult one of our product specialists when sizing these vessels.

If you would like to download the drawing please click on PV-BT SS304 for SS 304 or PV-BT SS316 for SS 316.

Contact Us to order pressure vessel products in Australia and New Zealand.


Pressure Vessel Design Type Entry Bag Size Material Inlet/Outlet Flange Type
PV B = BAG T = Top 2 = 1x No2

1 = 1x No1

304 = 304SS
316 = 316SS
02 = 2” A = ANSI
PV Vessel for No. 2 bag in 304SS with 2” BSP inlet/outlet configuration = PVBT-2-304-2B
Gasket materials are available in Buna, EPR, Viton, Viton Teflon Encapsulated, Buna White FDA.
A heating jacket design is available as an option for high temperature processing application


Model Filter bag surface area Max. flow rate Pressure rating max. Bag Size Flange Mounting method Weight
1 0.19 m2 225 l/min 10 bar at 90° C 178×419 mm 2” Legs
2 0.45 m2 450 l/min 10 bar at 90° C 178×813 mm 2” Legs

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