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PVCM Multi Cartridge Pressure Vessels

At Stream Tex, we are dedicated to providing the best pressure vessel products in Australia and New Zealand.


• Material 304 or 316 grade Stainless Steel
• Models to suit from 3 up to 200 cartridges
• Low profile design
• Unique spring lifting lid, allows one operator to conduct changeouts


Multi Cartridge Pressure Vessels

StreamTex Cartridge Filter Vessels are available in single, duplex, and multi-cartridge configurations capable of holding up to 200 or more cartridges.
Cartridge filters are usually disposable but they are also available in washable metal media. Cartridges are available in 10” to 60”length. Standard cartridge diameters are 63mm and 69mm.

End configuration of cartridges can be either double open end (DOE) or single open end with flat closed end or with a fin. Open end can be with 222 or 226 style O ring. Cartridges are available in 0.1um to 200um and can be nominal or absolute rated for particle removal efficiency, for more details please see our range of standard cartridges.


• Bio-Pharmaceuticals
• Food & Beverage
• Microelectronics liquid filtration

Vessel sizing / System configuration

*Maximum flow rate is based on aqueous flow at ΔP=1.0psi clean through filter only without bag installed.
Achieved flow rate is dependant on type of fluid being filtered, fluid viscosity and temperature, micron rating and type of filter cartridge. Please consult one of our product specialists when sizing these vessels.

Contact Us to order PVCM Multi Cartridge pressure vessels in Australia and New Zealand.


Pressure Vessel Design Type Entry Cartridges Material Inlet/Outlet Flange Type
PV CM = Cartridge, Multiple S = Side 3 to 200 304 = 304SS
316 = 316SS
02 – 12 = 2”-12″ A = ANSI

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