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PVFM Flow Meter and Bag Replacement Timing Indicator


• Flow Meter and Check valve in one unit
• Very high accurracy of 97.9%
• Clear, easy to read scale in liters per minute
• Easy installation, no calibration required
• Solid design, 1 year breakage warranty
• Easy to install and maintain
• Filter bag change requirements can easily be checked using the Flow Meter without the need to open the filter vessel


Flow Meter and Bag Replacement Timing Indicator

The StreamTex Flow meter is a revolutionary, affordable and highly accurate flow meter that guarantees you will know the flow. In addition it also serves as a fully functioning check valve. As flow increases and decreases, the check valves flippers swings within its range of motion.

All StreamTex PVFM models offer highly accurate performance and a unique ability to be installed right next to other plumbing fittings such as tees, without the need for long straight pipe runs before and after. They can also be installed horizontally, vertically, or even upside-down. Easy to read scale and visual, red indicator.



Pressure Vessel Design Type  Material Inlet/Outlet Flange Type Flow rate m3/hr
PVFM-2B FM = Flow Meter Polycarbonate ABS 2” B = BSP 35 – 415
Operating pressure max. 3.45 bar (50 psi), operating temperature from 0 – 60° C

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