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PVPPM Multi-Bag HDPE Pressure Vessels Side Entry

Stream Tex offers multi-bag pressure vessels in Australia and New Zealand.


• Designed for easy and efficient bag change
• High density Polyethylene vessel
• Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
• Able to handle very high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity


Multi-Bag HDPE Pressure Vessels Side Entry

The StreamTex side inlet bag filter is designed for efficient filtration and easy change of bags. The quick opening feature and special davit cover allow for easy and bag changes without the need for any tools.

The housing is made from high density polyehtylene HPDE, is corrosion free and resistant to chemicals. A cost-effective solution to suite a wide range of applications. We can customise it to fit your individual requirements with flow rates up to 580 m3/h.

Vessel sizing / System configuration

*Maximum flow rate is based on aqueous flow at ΔP=1.0psi clean through filter only without bag installed.
Achieved flow rate is dependant on type of fluid being filtered, fluid viscosity and temperature, micron rating and type of filter bag. Please consult one of our product specialists when sizing these vessels.

Contact Us to order PVPPM polyethylene pressure vessels in Australia and New Zealand.


Pressure Vessel Design Type Entry Bag Size Material Flange Type Inlet/Outlet
PVPPM 3 – 7 Bag designs S = Side  




Pressure Vessel Size Recommended operating pressure max Max. operating temp. Max. flow rate Bag Type Bag Size Flange Mounting method Weight
2 8 bar 65° C 1.6 – 14 m3/hr 2 7” x 32” DN250 440 – 600 kg

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