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PVSE Maintenance Free Separator


• Ideal for Cooling Tower and Water Treatment applications
• Protection of pumps and heat exchangers
• Maintenance free separation of suspended solid particles in water of up to 10 Micron
• Cyclone design for automatic separation
• High Flow Rates


PVSE Maintenance Free Separator

The Stream- Tex design is based on the technology used in refining industry and is maintenance free. Requiring no back wash and capable of flows up to 250 m3/hr. Typical application is in cooling towers and in the water treatment industry where solids that accumulate are washed off with minimum amount of filtered water.

From experience in circular cooling tower water application, turbidity reduced significantly from 16 to 7 NTU and suspended solids content from 60 mg/l down to 3 mg/l after one week.

Vessel sizing / System configuration

*Maximum flow rate is based on aqueous flow at ΔP=1.0psi clean through filter only without bag installed.
Achieved flow rate is dependant on type of fluid being filtered, fluid viscosity and temperature, micron rating and type of filter bag. Please consult one of our product specialists when sizing these vessels


Pressure Vessel Design Type Entry  Material Inlet/Outlet Flange Type Flow rate m3/hr
PV SE = Separator Side 304 = 304SS
316 = 316SS
2”, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ A = ANSI
20 – 300
Order example: PV Separator in 304SS with 6” DIN inlet/outlet configuration = PVSE-304-6D
Operating pressure 10 – 16 bar