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How To Choose A Filter Bag?

Filter bags find significant usage in the treatment of groundwater, cooling water, wastewater, and in several other industrial applications. They come in different materials, sizes, and specifications. But to ensure that the filter bag you opt for suit your needs perfectly, you will have to pay attention to filter bag material selection. Once you start looking for a media of filtration, you can select between stainless steel, polyester, microfiber polypropylene and polypropylene. Also, focus on factors like the type of contaminant and production parameters like temperature and pressure.

Consider the type of contaminant and concentration that the filter media will be handling. Check its size, shape and rigidity. Pay attention to the characteristics of the contaminants. Are they large or small in size? Contaminants which have irregular shape can be captured with ease. Take into consideration parameters like pressure bar, volume(ml)and nature of the process.

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