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Membrane Cartridge

All You Need To Know About Membrane Cartridge Filters

Filters are used in different industries for different reasons. From pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, every industry today requires efficient filters to filter the liquid and gases. There are various impurities in liquid and gases that need to be filtered, and filters are used to clean out the dirt from it. You can find plenty of filters that are used for different purposes. High Flow Pleated Elements are a type of filters that have massive contaminant capacity. It is also famous for its wide surface that helps to promote efficient filtration.

Cartridge filters are available in different sizes and diameters that can be used in different industries. These filters are made with different material that supports functionality. These filters are designed for tasks that involve high pressure and flow. Hence, cartridge filters have a strong core that can withstand heavy pressure and flow. Some cartridges have increased capabilities for extreme strength and flow filtration.

These filters are generally installed in vessels with the help of guide rods. This type of filter is best known for its easy filtration. You don’t need to follow any stringent installation process to start using these efficient filters. Cartridges can be oriented vertical or horizontal. There is a vessel seal that holds the cartridge to the vessel. It can be in o-rings, double o-rings, tie rods, or any other design that can provide better security.

What is Membrane Filter Cartridges?

As mentioned earlier, cartridge filters are made with different materials, and the filters made with membrane material are called cartridge membrane filter. They are primarily designed for applications that need high flow and high particle suspension. This type of filter made with membrane has an asymmetric pore structure that helps in a high filtration process involving heavy flow and pressure. It is essential to understand that these filters have all the reasons to replace the other industrial filters.

Features of Membrane Cartridge Filter

There are plenty of reasons that make the membrane cartridge filter an ideal choice for many heavy-duty filtration processes.

  • These filters can easily withstand the thermal and mechanical stress due to its sturdy membrane cartridge built.
  • From inner caps, outer support cages, to end caps are made with 100% pure polypropylene (PP). It increases the durability and chemical resistance of the filter.
  • These filters offer maximum fluid access to filter surface area compared to other industrial filters available in the market.
  • The membrane cartridge ensures there is no binder contamination or adhesive.
  • You can easily replace your conventional industrial filters with membrane cartridge for better filtration during high flow.
  • This type of filter also has a superior bactericidal performance even in the super-wet or dry situations.

The Bottom Line

Almost every industry today requires a filter for their filtration need. Whether it is the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industry, the filter is needed by every industry today. There are different types of filters available in the market that is known for their distinctive characteristics. Membrane cartridge filters are a type of filters that are used for filtration processes involving high pressure and flow. Their built and features are ideal for heavy-duty filtration.

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